Free Printable Hawaiian Luau Decorations

Click the link below to download the free printable luau party decoration PDF templates

These party decorations are bursting with tropical colors! They coordinate with my luau invitations, cupcake toppers, napkin rings and cocktail picks, and can be used as centerpieces, hanging decor, table scatters or any number of other creative applications. There is a zip file with the templates and instructions below. There are two hibiscus flowers, a large tiki totem that has an "Aloha!!" message on it, a base to set the totem in and instructions.

You'll need PDF reader software to view the instructions. (The printable files themselves are jpgs.) You can get free Adobe Reader software here.

P1. This shows the mask by itself in its base without the added hibiscus flowers
P2. The included printed paper flowers plus artificial flowers enhance the look

Tips for Using These Luau Decoration Printables

After you download the PDF templates, all you need to do to create these luau decorations is make sure you have some good card stock, a color printer (set on the "Best" setting or the equivalent on your printer) and a sharp pair of curved manicure scissors. You can use regular scissors but the manicure scissors will probably increase your cutting accuracy.

The templates are already sized, so just print as many of each as you want. Then cut them out using the manicure scissors. And if you want to make them sparkle, you can use Elmer's 3D glitter pens, Glitter ModPodge or the equivalent to embellish them. As I always recommend, though, don't use too much glitter. These decorations will go from cute to cheesy in a hurry if you do.

If you'd like, you can combine the tiki mask and flowers together to create a table centerpiece. I used a stand like restaurants use to hold small menus to make the mask stand up. the mask required a little support, though, which came from some cardboard strips that I taped to the back. I then added some artificial flowers around the base, both to cover up the stand and to make the centerpiece more festive. From there I made two versions; one without the printed hibiscus flowers (photo number P1) and one with (photo number P2). And as you can see in both the P1 and P3 photos, you can also hang the flowers separately. Of course, you could also do the same with the tiki mask.

P3. The printable flowers plus a fishing net and grass skirt background make a for a truly tropical feel 
Credits: Thanks to W.B. Gilmore of LK Designs, whose wonderful graphics were used to make these Hawaiian luau decorations.

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  1. I like the mask up at the top; it's not as cutesy as a lot of them.


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