Free Printable Luau Paper Napkin Rings

Please scroll down and click on the free printable paper luau napkin rings template. That will allow you to see a larger version and download it.

You can dress up these napkin rings by adding the cocktail picks and cupcake toppers linked at the bottom of the post...

These printable paper napkin rings match perfectly with the rest of the Hawaiian luau printables in this series (linked at the bottom of this post). Not only that, you can use the printable tiki totem and hibiscus flowers cocktail picks and cupcake toppers to enhance them. You can also use them plain, as pictured below, if you don't have a lot of time to spend. The tropical pattern comes in four bright colors that can be mixed and matched, or you can choose just one or two colors. It's up to you. The look can also be varied by using different napkin colors. As you can see, I used bright pink and yellow for a bold effect.

... or you can use them by themselves with no embellishment.
The base napkin bands are simplicity itself to create; just print them on the heaviest card stock your printer will allow and then cut them with a paper cutter, a craft knife and metal ruler or scissors. They're extra wide, so they can fit any configuration of napkin bundle. I recommend using several napkins and even a packaged moist towelette, along with the plastic utensils or silverware. The extra napkins and towelette might save you some extra clean-up after the party, since guests will have what they need to keep their hands clean and mop up any mess they make. If the bundles you create don't require the full length of the napkin band, just trim it down.

To add one or more of the cupcake topper or cocktail pick designs, just follow the instructions for cutting on those posts and then use scrapbook dry adhesive, double-sided tape or a thin application of glue to stick them onto the napkin rings.

Pairing a colored napkin and napkin ring with a plain but brightly colored plate creates a coordinated look that will save you money on printed plates

Download the free printable paper napkin ring template by clicking the "PDF" button below:
You'll need the free Adobe Reader software to view the file. You can download it here.

Please note: These napkin rings are for personal use only.

Credits: Thanks to W.B. Gilmore of LK Designs for the Hawaiian luau graphics used in the cupcake toppers and cocktail picks used to embellish these napkin rings.

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  1. Those things look really nice. What a difference a small thing like this makes. And they're cheap too...

  2. These are just perfect! We just moved to a home with an amazing tropical yard (even though it is in the desert LOL) and these are perfect for our first party! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the great idea. I will be doing this at our pool party next week.


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