Free Printable Beach Theme Cupcake Toppers

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Whether you're having a summer beach party at the seashore, a beach inspired wedding or a beach themed party by your pool, these fun beach party cupcake toppers that match our free beach party invitations and napkin rings will bring a fun but sophisticated under-the-sea look. You can mix and match them, using them alone, as shown on the cupcake above with the crab cupcake topper. Or you can create a three-dimensional look, by using several toppers at once, as shown on the blue cupcake above that has the seashell, seahorse and ocean plant. You can also add glitter glue to the toppers to simulate the look of light hitting shimmering water.

This under the sea party cupcake toppers template is a little different than the luau cupcake toppers, which were made to be used with a circle cutter. Although you could probably use a circle cutter with these, they were designed to be cut out with manicure scissors. There's a light gray line around them that defines the cutting lines. If you follow those, you'll get a nice white border around each topper that will make it stand out.

Once the toppers are cut out, there are several ways you can attach them to the toothpicks that will allow you to stand them up on the cupcakes. The faster way is to neatly cut small pieces of masking or white tape and use it to attach the topper to the toothpick. This will leave the tape showing on the back though. The slower but more elegant way is to cut out two sets of toppers for every one topper you want to end up with and use a glue stick, scrapbook dry adhesive strips or double-sided tape to attach three pieces:

1.) the front, which will have the picture on it;
2.) the toothpick, and
3.) another version of the front, with the picture facing toward the back of the piece in the front.

This will give you a perfectly sized backing to each topper.

Credits: Thanks to Ina Prade of for the illustrations used in this beach party cupcake topper template.

Terms: You're welcome to use these beach theme cupcake toppers as much as you want for personal use, but you may not represent this template as your own work, or sell it or give it away in any form.Thanks!

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