Beach Party Paper Napkin Rings

These free printable beach party paper napkin wraps match the printable beach party invitations and beach theme cupcake toppers already posted. If you've ever wondered how to make DIY napkin rings, these should make it quite easy for you. Just download the PDF paper napkin wrap template below.

Download the Napkin Ring Template

You'll need PDF reader software to view the file. If you don't already have some, you can download the FREE Acrobat Adobe Reader program here. (Make sure to deselect the checkbox next to the McAfee antivirus software if you don't want it. Adobe gives the opportunity to download it at the same time as Acrobat but you don't have to if you don't want it.)

Once you've downloaded one of the printable napkin ring templates, print the document using the highest quality settings on your printer. And I highly recommend using Epson heavyweight matte inkjet paper as your paper stock. I use it to print out all my printables because it gives great ink coverage, has a substantial weight and provides a nice bright white background. Once you've printed the napkin rings, you can either cut them out with sharp scissors or a paper cutter. And if you're feeling in a creative mood, you can add a little glitter glue to each of them to make them sparkle. If you use the glitter glue, let it dry thoroughly, before you try to place them around plastic ware wrapped in napkins.

To create the examples seen in the photo in this post, I used three good quality paper napkins. Maybe I'm just messy, but it seems to me that one napkin is never enough.

I laid the napkins out sideways, so they formed a diamond shape in front of me, then I staggered them (see illustration above). I then placed the fork, knife and spoon on the far right and started rolling to the left. It's a good idea to fasten the rolled bundles with rubber bands before adding the napkin rings, which can be fastened in the back by using glue stick, Glue Dots, double-sided tape or Scotch tape. The rubber bands will keep the napkin bundles from opening up as you wrap the napkin rings around them.

I hope you enjoy using these napkin rings that coordinate with my other beach party printables. They're a simple and fun craft project with a practical application!

Credits: Thanks to Ina Prade of for the illustrations used in these beach party napkin ring templates.

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