Free Printable Winter Decorations Template

Please scroll down and click the "Winter Decorations Template" link further down on the page to download the free printable winter decorations template. 

These winter and holiday party circle decorations can be used for a variety of purposes -- whether you're having a party or not. They feature three different penguins who are all geared up for the snow: one is skiing, one is bundled up in a scarf and wool hat and the last one has a scarf and ear muffs. All of them have a border covered with snowflakes and the words "Let It Snow" circling the edges.

I used a good quality card stock (47lb. Red River Premium Matte -- expensive but worth it!) and a 2" punch to create cupcake toppers, and also to make a garland to ring a basket filled with silk flowers. This allowed me to re-purpose a spring accessory and turn it into a winter decoration!

I used beading cord, a small hole-puncher and some light pink beads to make a garland. To ring the basket, I simply used doubled-over blue painter's tape (which won't leave a sticky residue on the basket) on the back of each circle and then tied the cord at the back of the basket. So when spring comes, it will be easy to remove.

I also used one of the circles as a letter seal. You can use the same card stock you use for the cupcake toppers and basket decorations or you can use Avery printable 8 1/2" x 11" label stock, which makes sticking them on a breeze.

Download the template by clicking the link below:
The template is in .jpg format and requires no special software to view.

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I hope you enjoy using these winter decorations and find even more creative ways to use them to brighten the winter months!

Credits: Many thanks to Josy Carson for the cute penguin illustrations and to Dana Conditt for the snowflake border.
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  1. These will be perfect for my daughter's birthday party. She randomly selected Penguins as her theme. Thank you!!!!

    1. You'requite welcome! I'm so glad these will be helpful.

      I hope your daughter's party is great fun for her. :-)


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