Holiday Cupcake Toppers and Appetizer Picks

Click the link below to download the free Christmas cupcake toppers template

These paper holiday cake or cupcake toppers, or hors-d'oeuvre or appetizer party picks come in a variety of pastel designs that match my printable paper Christmas wreath and printable gift bags. They can be used to create fun flat or 3D stars, an old-fashioned sleigh, holly, a bell or a bell topped with holly. The designs can further be extended through the use of rhinestones and faux pearls. (I don't recommend glitter or glitter glue like I used on the wreath, however, because it could fall on the cupcakes, cake top or appetizers and that wouldn't be healthy.)


Like with the shabby chic paper wreath, your best friend when making these holiday cupcake toppers will be a nice pair of sharp scissors. I use something like this, which allows me to be as accurate as possible when cutting around curves and corners. Other than cutting them out (which admittedly takes some skill), they're very easy to make. I made the flat cupcake toppers one-sided, meaning I didn't print and cut a second piece in reverse to glue back-to-back for each topper. I just positioned the toothpicks in the center of the backs and used Elmer's school glue gel to adhere them. But I've provided both front and back images, should you want yours to be two-sided. If you'd like you can embellish the cupcake toppers with faux pearls and rhinestones before you attach them to the toothpicks.

The 3D stars are actually quite easy to make too. Much like my 3D pumpkins, I just folded the stars in half with the colored side facing in and creased the fold with a burnisher (you can use your fingernail instead, as long as you don't have a lot of nail polish that might rub off) so it would be nice and crisp. I then glued five stars together back-to-back with a glue stick, making sure to insert a toothpick in the center before sealing up the last two stars. It's a good idea to put a little extra glue on the top of the toothpick before you place it, so it doesn't fall out later. You can also use more than five stars if you want a different look or you can alternate the pink and blue stars.

I hope you enjoy making these shabby chic cupcake topper/appetizer picks. Please remember that all the downloads on this blog are for personal use only.

Credits: Thanks to Cajoline of for several of the patterns used in these cupcake toppers and to Marni Designs for the blue paisley design. Thanks also to for the embroidery font.

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