Free Printable Winter Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

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It's time once again for a freebie that just for my newsletter subscribers. I followed the suggestion of a reader who commented that icy blue would be lovely for winter. And she was right.

If you're already a newsletter subscriber, you don't have to do anything to get them. The link to the free printable will be in the next issue. If you're not a subscriber, you're welcome to sign up using the button below. The newsletter is free and I will never sell or otherwise abuse your e-mail address. I hate spam as much and maybe more than you do.

These match my summer and Indian summer butterfly cupcake toppers I've already posted. I'm slowly but surely working my way around the calendar to ultimately bring you a nice set you can use year in and year out. I hope you enjoy using them!

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Please note: I will send out the first newsletter with the winter butterfly printable between November 28th and 30th, and then will send them about twice a week after that. So new subscribers usually only have to wait a maximum of five days before they receive it. Please allow more time during the holidays.
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Credits: This lovely winter butterfly was created by Cherry Clipart.

* In addition to the summer and Indian summer butterflies mentioned above, here are the past printables you'll also find in the newsletter: a 3D luau tiki totem decoration, 3D paper spring flowers and fall flowers, and this cute Easter bunny decoration, which matches my free printable Easter basket. There also was a 3D graduation decoration that isn't pictured on this blog, but that matches the wise owl graduation gift bag. These will all be accessible to new subscribers.

Here are the other butterflies in my subscriber-only butterfly cupcake topper collection:

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