Fall Butterfly Pick Printable

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I asked my newsletter subscribers to let me know if  they wanted another 3D butterfly, and some of them were kind enough to say they did. So here it is: the Autumn butterfly. It's yellow-orange, so it will work well for fall, but it also will be just as useful in the spring and summer. The color looks nice when paired with the mauve color of the first butterfly, too, so you can use them as a set.

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Credits: The beautiful autumn butterfly illustration is from Cherry Clipart. I highly recommend all her art; it's beautiful.

* Here are the past printables you'll also find in the newsletter: a 3D luau tiki totem decoration, 3D paper flowers and this cute Easter bunny decoration, which matches my free printable Easter basket. There also was a 3D graduation decoration that isn't pictured on this blog, but that matches the wise owl graduation gift bag. These will all be accessible to new subscribers.


  1. Love these! Please do one for each season; maybe icy blue for winter and a pastel green for spring. That would be an awesome set.

  2. I'm so glad you like them! I was toying with doing a red and green butterfly for Christmas, but you're right, blue for winter is much better! Thanks for the suggestions.


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