Free 3D Butterfly Cupcake Topper Printable

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I haven't created a subscribers-only printable for a while. And now that summer's waning, the tiki totem decoration is probably not as useful to as many people as it was a few months ago. So enter the first subscribers-only butterfly cupcake topper printable, which I hope will be the first of a series: 

This butterfly is a pretty shade of mauve with red and green accents. It can be made flat, but I think it really shines in 3D, as pictured above.

You can make them plain, as the butterfly on the right in the photo above is. Or you can add a little bling with glitter glue or rhinestones. Beware the bling though. I did a version with rhinestones, pearls and lots of glitter glue, and as you can see, it doesn't appear in this post. Too much is way too much when to comes to embellishing a small item like this. And the butterflies are pretty enough on their own, so they only need just a little judicious "blinging" to really shine.

I used green glitter glue in the center and on the tips of the antennae, and some small dots of pink glitter glue to make this butterfly pop.

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Credits: The beautiful butterfly was designed by Cherry Clipart, which can be found at

* Here are all the past subscriber-only printables to date: luau tiki totem decoration, 3D paper flowers and this cute Easter bunny decoration. There also was a 3D graduation decoration that isn't pictured on this blog. These will all be accessible to new subscribers.


  1. These are beautiful, especially when they are 3D! I'd love more colors!!Thank you for these:)

  2. Yes, I would really love more butterflys. They are awsome Pam G.

  3. Thank you for creating this special butterflies. Create more. Congratulations.



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