FREE Printable Spring Butterflies

Click the link below to download the free spring printable butterfly template

These free printable spring butterflies will cheer you as you do spring cleaning or just stare out the window at April showers. You can use them on cupcakes, of course. But they can also be used for banners (just punch small holes in each side and tie them together with pretty ribbon, yarn or string) or even as window decorations. They would also be lovely on a classroom bulletin board.

If you like the look of the polka dot cupcake wrappers, those are available in my Printable Year-Round Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers Kindle book.

Download the files from the PINK LINK below:

Download the Butterflies Template

Download the files from the PINK LINK above.

These can be used flat but you can also make them 3D by folding and gluing multiple butterflies. For tips on doing this, see my Thanksgiving pumpkins page.

In August 2012, I created my first set of printable butterflies in mauve. Then in September, I made one in orange for fall, and in December I made one in ice blue for winter. Now I'm rounding out the seasonal collection with these cheerful green and yellow butterflies for spring. You can see the new ones in the front of the photo above and the other three butterflies are flying around behind them:

Get the Other Butterflies Here:
Credits: The beautiful spring butterfly illustration is from Cherry Clipart. Many thanks to her.

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