Printable Spring Butterflies

Please scroll down and click the "Buy the $2 Printables" link further down on the page to access the printable butterfly template and all the other printables that come with it.

In August 2012, I created my first set of printable butterflies in mauve, which were available only to my newsletter subscribers. Then in September I made one in orange for fall, and in December I made one in ice blue for winter. Now I'm rounding out the seasonal collection with these cheerful green and yellow butterflies for spring. You can see the new ones in the front of the photo above and the other three butterflies are flying around behind them.

The difference now is that I'm no longer accepting newsletter subscribers. I made that decision because when the list reached 2,000 subscribers I was going to have to start paying a significant amount of money to continue delivering freebies. It didn't seem like a good business decision, so I decided instead to make all my subscriber-only printables available for the ridiculously low price of $2. (If you already signed up for the newsletter before I closed the list, you're still on it and will get the spring butterflies for free.) 

For those who aren't on the list, for $2 you will not only get the four sets of butterflies in the photo at the top of this post, but you will also get the printables listed below:

This is no get-rich-quick scheme for me, by any means. But that's OK, I want to make it so I bring in a little extra cash and also have the price be affordable for the moms, teachers and crafters who use my printables. Fair enough? 

Please click the link below to get the printables:

Buy the $2 Printables

You will be taken to the old newsletter sign-up page, which now has a PayPal link and instructions. Please make sure to read the text in red on that page, so you can access the printables once you pay. 

Please be aware that all the printables are for personal use only. Thank you in advance for honoring those terms.

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Credits: The beautiful spring butterfly illustration is from Cherry Clipart. Many thanks to her for the use of it.

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