Free Printable Birthday Candy Wrappers

Scroll down and click the link below to download the free birthday chocolate bar wrapper templates

Well, we're having an attack of the vintage again on this blog. It started with the Santa candy bar wrappers I posted a few months ago. And now I've used antique roses art to create more free candy wrappers, both for birthdays and Valentine's Day. I also created matching birthday cupcake toppers and invitation art (that link goes to the free printable art my Printable Party Invitations blog). Scroll down if you want to see photos of the toppers and invitation.

Good for more than just birthday candy bars

I love these birthday chocolate bar wrappers because they're like a birthday card and a present in one. And you can even make them more useful if you'd like to expand beyond birthdays and add your own text. You just need Photoshop or one of these free image editors. Or you can use text boxes in MS Word to cover up the Happy Birthday text and add something else. Here are some ideas for other uses:
  • Get well
  • Birth announcement
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduation
  • Easter
  • Retirement
  • Congratulations
You can also add a person's name to make a lovely personalized gift. If you like the font I used you can download it. It's called Brock Script and it's free.

Download the Candy Bar Wrappers--Word Docs

Download the Candy Bar Wrappers--PDF

Here are the three candy bar sizes that fit these free printable wrappers:


After you download the Word docs with the three different sizes of candy bar wrappers and save them to your hard drive, I recommend that you take a quick hop over to my Santa candy wrapper page for some suggestions on how to use any of my chocolate bar wrappers. Just look under the Tips for Making the Printable Candy Bar Wrappers heading.

You might also like these matching cupcake toppers with options for birthdays and all occasions. You can download them here or by clicking the image below:

The free printable invitation below was created using the same rose artwork. Download it (along with three other free vintage botanical invitation designs) here or by clicking the image below.

You might also like my other candy bar wrappers.

Credits: The rose image is from my personal collection. You can download a similar image here. You can also get lots of other free vintage art at my site.

Terms: This artwork is for personal use only. You're welcome to link to this page and even use one of the images below on your site but please don't post the actual artwork to your site. That's a copyright violation. See my terms of use for more information. Thanks in advance for honoring these terms! :-)

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These printable birthday candy bar wrapper templates are copyrighted by Carla Chadwick, and


  1. These are so pretty. Thank you for offering them to us.

    1. You're quite welcome! Thanks so much for your comment. :-)

  2. Hi. I can't seem to download from zip file. Is there a PDF file for the candy bar wrappers? Thank you!

    1. Sorry you're having a problem downloading the files! There isn't a PDf version but I'll be happy to respond by sending the .jpgs if you send me an email using my email address on this page:

  3. Can't seem to download!

    1. So sorry you had a problem downloading it. I'm really starting to dislike, which is where it was linked before. :-( But I've now replaced the link with one that goes to one of my other sites. It should download in your browser as soon as you click the pink "Download the Candy Wrappers" link above.

  4. To those who have had a problem with downloading or printing these files, I've just added a PDF version underneath the Word docs version (near the top of the page). I hope that helps!


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