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I say a variation of this in practically every post, but I just fell in love with the art for these graduation cupcake decorations. Admittedly, the flying cats are a bit offbeat. But I felt they exemplified the spirit of graduation: onward and upward.

And besides, one of them is wearing pants. That sealed the deal for me. Although I wouldn't do this today because I don't think animals like to be humiliated any more than humans do, I have to admit that I once put a pair of my underwear on my cat. It was on this occasion that I formed the opinion about animal humiliation. You should have seen the looks I got as my poor cat struggled to get free of my underwear. Message delivered, Chaddy Chadwick (may he rest in peace). And I haven't done it since. But it's perfectly fine to put pants on digital cats. 

These flying cat and floral cupcake decorations also have matching graduation party invitations (with lines and blank) and retirement party invitations (also with lined and blank versions). I know the graduation hats don't work for retirement but the plain floral toppers with "Congratulations" on them do. If there ever was a time for a classic congrats party, it's at retirement. Scroll down to see what the invitations look like. I also have some tips for making the toppers under the Tips section below.

Download the Graduation Cupcake Toppers

Get the matching graduation party invitation artwork here or by clicking below:

graduation decorations
Get the matching retirement party invitation artwork here or by clicking below:

graduation decorations ideas


  • These graduation cupcake decorations are 2.5" wide, which means you can use a 2.5" circle cutter to cut them out. I have personally used the Uchida circle cutter but you can obviously use any brand you choose.
  • The fantasmagorical (I'm always happy to have a reason to use that word) flying cat and whimsical floral designs lend themselves to a bit of sparkle. Because they'll be used around food, I recommend using glitter ModPodge as opposed to just gluing glitter on them, which might fall off and be eaten by unsuspecting party-goers. Glitter ModPodge is a thing of beauty so I'm always trying to find places to use it. I highly recommend it but I can't be responsible for any ModPodge addiction that might result.
  • You can also use these circular designs as table scatters, tied together to form small banners or as seals for party bags or invitation envelopes. You might want to reduce the topper art a bit first for the latter two uses though. To do so, just pop the .jpg template into a graphics program, MS Word or another program that will allow you to reduce and then print. You might also be able to just reduce the size on your printer using the original art.

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Credits: The whimsical flying cats and flower images in these free graduation decorations came from Creative Fabrica. And thanks to Jennie Brown and Unsplash for the cupcake photo used below.

Terms: This artwork is for your personal use only. Please don't post the printable template to your site. But you're welcome to post the photo below along with a link to this page. Please read my short and flexible terms of use if you'd like to post a link.

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cupcake toppers that can be used for graduation table decorations

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