St. Patrick's Day Water Bottle Labels Design

Click the link below to download the St. Patrick's Day free printable water bottle label template

For months I've been trying to think of St. Patrick's Day decoration ideas other than cupcake toppers because I already designed a set of those. Somewhere along the line, I came up with the idea that it would be fun to make a water bottle labels design for "Lucky Water" to go on a 16.9 oz. bottle, which is the size I drink all day long. (I always recycle the bottles. If you don't already, please consider recycling too.)

Since I've been seeing that people like vintage printables, as evidenced by the response to my vintage Christmasbirthday and Valentine's Day chocolate bar wrappers and birthday cupcake toppers, I thought St. Patrick would lend himself quite nicely to some free printable vintage labels. Although no one is exactly sure when he was born, St. Patrick is reputed to have lived sometime around the 5th century. That seems pretty vintage to me. And you'll be happy to know that each bottle you use these labels on will instantly be rainbow fortified and contain 100% luck of the Irish.

Download the free printable water bottle label template from the PINK link below:

Download the Template

Download the free printable water bottle label template from the PINK link above.

Solving a Party Problem

I know a lot of people are interested in how to make water bottle labels using Microsoft Word. So I made these free printable label templates for Word, which will allow you to personalize them if you want. There's a space on the back of the label to write a name, either electronically or by hand. This solves that age-old problem of keeping track of whose drink is whose at a St. Patrick's Day party (where, let's face it, all that green beer and Irish whiskey makes it even harder to keep track). Just scroll down to the Instructions section if you'd like to learn the optional method for adding names to the labels using Word.

If you just want to keep it super simple, though, you can download the template and print it as is. Just provide pens on the same table as the water bottles so your guests can write their own names. You might even want to use something like these gold Sharpies for an extra dash of class.


This free label design template is sized for 16.9 oz. water bottles. If that's the size bottles you plan to use, then you can just literally download the Microsoft Word file above and print as many as you need. I actually got better results on my printer by using Draft mode rather than Regular. Regular seemed to flood it with too much ink. But you can experiment with the settings on your printer to see what works best.

If you'd like to change the size, just turn on the ruler in Word and drag them to the size you want. Visit my vintage Santa candy bar label page for some screenshots of how to do it. Just scroll down to the Tips for Making the Printable Candy Bar Wrappers section on that page. 

To add people's names in Microsoft Word in the space on the back of the label, you'll need to use text boxes. If you're not familiar with them, Microsoft has a simple tutorial. Just make sure to choose your version of Word when accessing the tutorial.

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Credits: The ornate black and white borders in this design came from and the cute little vintage St. Patrick came from Sweetly Scrapped. 

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