FREE Graduation Party Gift Bag Printables

Click the link below to download the free printable graduation gift bags template

It's graduation season once again, so congrats to everyone who will be moving on to the next level or getting out of school altogether! To help you celebrate, I've created some fun and easy-to-make printable graduation gift bags that can be used as party favors or to wrap gifts. Or, if you're really clever, you can do what my friend Meaghan from did: make adorable graduation-theme cookies to put in the bags. She'll show you how to do that yourself here (scroll down once you get to the page to see the recipe and method).  

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Download the Graduation Owl Gift Bag Template

The instructions are in PDF format. You'll need PDF reader software to read them. If you don't have any, you can download this free Acrobat software. If you need software to open the zip file with the printables and instructions, 7Zip is free.

When Meaghan and I discussed her designing the cookies, I wanted to give her free reign to use her ample creativity. All I asked is that she create cookies that could be made using graduation class or school colors, because there was no way I could incorporate everyone's color schemes into one bag. And I just love what she came up with.

There are very simple round and square cookies with polka dots and stripes that can easily incorporate your color scheme. And for those who are a little more skilled, there are diploma and owl cookies that can also feature the graduate's class colors.

And if you want to dress up the bag itself with graduation colors, you can. By adding colored tissue paper and/or cellophane to the inside of the bag, you can add pops of the graduation class or school colors.

You can also add color and customize the bags for boys or girls by tying a bow at the top or neck for girls or adding a bow tie or leaving the bag as-is for boys.

Become a cookie-icing pro!

To do a professional icing job on those graduation (or any) cookies, check out Meaghan's book, Sugarlicious, which will teach you how to make and use icing like a pro -- and a whole lot more. Thre previous link is the for the paperback version. It's also available for Kindle.

Meaghan's clearly written and illustrated instructions make it a really great resource for any home baker.

Credits: Many thanks to Josy Carson for the owl illustration. I doctored it up a little but she provided the base artwork.

Terms: This art is for personal use only. Please see the terms for more information.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon links are used in this post and in the sidebar, which means I will be paid a small commission if anything is purchased through them. This doesn't increase the amount you pay if you buy anything.

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  1. so great! thank you so much...
    here, in Brazil, teacher's day is in october 15th... and it'll be so useful!

  2. Awesome work! Thank you very much.

    1. You're quite welcome. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Great design - he's very cute. :-) Good luck on the contest.

  4. This is such a fabulous idea! The owl is a very popular design at the moment for all sorts of things and it fits in so well for a graduation, being that the graduate is now "wiser". The homemade themed cookies are a perfect gift straight from the heart.

  5. Great idea - you always have such fun concepts! I especially love the diploma cookies!

  6. I didn't knew owls can look this friendly :)

  7. Owls are all the rage lately on Pinterest, I never knew how many people love them before! Thanks for another great offering!

  8. Just landed on your blog from pinterest. Such lovely ideas, will definitely be coming back!!

  9. Thank you soooo much for your fabulous printables. I'm sure tomorrow your cute owls will make 20 kids in Moscow absolutely happy :).
    If you are curious please see some photos here

  10. Thanks so much for sharing, Ekaterina. It looks like you've been very busy! I hope graduation day is very special and that the kids love the bags. :-)


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