Movie Night Popcorn Cupcake Wrappers Printable

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popcorn cupcake wrappers printable

An at home movie night is an easy way to turn any night into a fun one. And these simple-to-use printable cupcake wrappers make even regular store-bought cupcakes into movie night popcorn cupcakes that will add some movie theater ambiance to the occasion.

Download the files from the PINK link below:

Download the Popcorn Cupcake Wrappers

Make sure to check out the matching free movie night flyers and invitations on my Printable Party Invitations blog and scroll down the page to see some other ways to make your movie night special.

Movie Night Ideas

In addition to using these popcorn cupcake wrappers to set the mood, you can use the following ideas to kick your movie night up a notch:

Make Invitations or Flyers You Can Email or Hand Out
I've created free movie flyer templates that match the movie cupcakes wrappers. You can use them to invite your guests, whether they're just family or you're going to include other people. You can go old school by printing as many invitations as you need and just hand-writing the information on each. Or you can print one, fill in the information and then use a color copier to print them. You can also insert one of the three templates in Microsoft Word, place text boxes on top of it to add text and then print. Or, if you have Photoshop (or any graphics program that allows for layers), you can add one of the templates and some text. And if you use the blank flyer, you can also add graphics for the movie you'll be watching. Here are two examples:

How to make a movie poster in Photoshop
Instant Outdoor Theater
When I lived in Florida, our next-door-neighbor used to project DVD movies onto his garage door and invite us over to watch. There was also a neighbor down the street who had an external garage with a side wall that faced his back yard. This gave him a huge wall on which to project movies. On many weekend nights, you would see his backyard filled with children. Either of these are great ideas practically year-round in warm climates but will also work almost everywhere in the summer.

Make It a Pajama Party
For weekend fun, you can combine a movie party with a slumber party. This is a perfect chance to show a double feature because no one has to bundle up and go home if the movies run late. If it's a smaller party, the kids can even gather their sleeping bags around the TV and just pass out in them after the movies are done.

Match Dinner or Snacks to the Movie
Make the party more fun by creating food for dinner or snacks that match the movie's theme or even their characters. Pinterest has literally millions of recipes and food decorating posts, making it a great source for finding food that's related to virtually any popular movie, especially if it's for kids. For example, click the link in this sentence for a Pinterest search I did for Little Mermaid movie food. To search for food for other movies, just use this formula in the search box at the top of the Pinterest home page:

Movie Name + "movie food"
(You can remove the + sign and quotes in between like I did for Little Mermaid movie food.) 

Combine Movie Night with a Mini Book Club
If the movie you'll be watching came from a book, have everyone read the book first so you can discuss it after the movie. You can talk about the book itself and also how the movie may have been similar to or different from the book.

And remember to have everyone turn off their cell phones!

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movie cupcakes printable
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Credits: The cute movie night clip art used in these free popcorn cupcake wrappers came from Pretty Grafik.

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