FREE Printable Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers

Click the link below to download the free 3D winter trees cupcake toppers template

These free printable 3D Christmas tree toppers match all the other printables in my Kindle ebook, Pink Peppermint Christmas Decorations. They also match the free gift bag printables I've posted on this blog. They're both fun to make and they will add such a special touch to your holidays.

You can download the free template by clicking the link below. Scroll down the page for instructions.

Download the Christmas Trees

I quietly went nuts for five weeks while creating this collection. I say going nuts because, as usual, I bit off more than I could chew. I made a bunch of paper ornaments, the 3D tree cupcake toppers on this page, a giant collection of gift bags with matching 3D paper bows in coordinating mix-and-match patterns, a beautiful snowflake garland and a forest of 3D pink peppermint Christmas trees in three sizes. Whew! Once I got going, I couldn't stop.

But my insanity is your gain because I'm offering some of the printables as freebies on this blog. The rest will be available in the Pink Peppermint Christmas Decorations e-book.

Here's a peek at what the book contains:

Instructions for Making the Christmas Tree Toppers

1. To make the toppers, just print them on good quality card stock or thick paper.

2. Cut out as many panels as you want. I used eight panels in the samples, but you don't need to. You can mix and match the patterns or use all one color; it's up to you.

3. Once you have the number of panels you want for each, just fold them in half with the printed sides facing in.

4. Glue them back-to-back with a glue stick (I recommend the repositionable kind), leaving the last two panels open.

5. Once the glue has set, open up the tree to expose the center "spine." Add a thin line of liquid glue down it and then lay a toothpick or cocktail pick (cocktail picks are slightly larger than toothpicks) down the center. You can now close up the last two panels with the glue stick.

Get the Book

The book contains tutorials and links to printable templates all the projects pictured on the cover. And there are detailed instructions and plenty of photos to guide you through creating all the fun projects.

The book is available for $2.99 from Amazon or for FREE if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. 

If you're not familiar with how Kindle e-books work, you can access it from any tablet or computer, so you don't have to own a Kindle to read it. You can get FREE Kindle apps from the Amazon site, Google Play or the Apple App Store

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Have a wonderful holiday season!

Credits: Thanks to Studio Cinco for the snowman illustrations used in the gift bag patterned paper.

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  1. Thank you for the neat Xmas share! I'm thinking this might work also for table placecards or just small trees to sit around, provided they will stand upon their own!! Again, thanks!!!

    1. You're welcome!

      And, yes, I believe these trees will stand up on their own. The larger ones in my e-book do, and the cupcake toppers are just reductions of those.

      I hope you enjoy using them. :-)


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