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Please click the link below to download the free printable Christmas invitation

As I started to write this post I realized this that I've never created a Christmas or holiday invite for this blog. I have other Christmas printables but not invitations. Well, now I'm rectifying that. Three happy snowmen, some Christmas trees and bright colors were used for this design, making it what I think is extra merry. And make sure to scroll down and see photos of the matching free printable holiday gift tags! They were the inspiration for this design.

Download the Invitation

I had some issues with the colors on this invitation and the gift tags and I'm not sure why. When I set the colors the way I originally envisioned them, they printed way too dark. Perhaps this is due to my new computer and monitor. As a result, I lightened them up considerably, producing the colors you see on this page. But when you look at the printable art, you'll see that it's quite light-looking by comparison. You can always adjust the colors on your printer by choosing the ink coverage though. On my HP printer the ascending amounts of in coverage are expressed as "Draft," Normal" or "Best," if that gives you a clue how it might be controlled on your printer.  

Also, the paper stock made a big difference in this case, more than I've ever seen on any other project. Maybe that's because it's getting close to Halloween and my printer is choosing to trick rather than treat me. Anyway, I found that I got the best results with HP Premium Presentation Paper. It's admittedly pricey but if you plan on printing a lot of printables for the holidays, you might want to invest in it. Note that it is on the thin side though. the color coverage is spectacular compared to other papers/cardstocks I tried though.

Credits: Josy Carson provided the illustrations used in this invitation. Many thanks to her for her beautiful work!  

Please note: Amazon affiliate links are used in this post, which means I will be paid a commission if anything is purchased through them. This doesn't increase what you pay if you buy anything though. I only recommend products that I genuinely think are helpful.

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I also have another version of this invitation, as well as another set of Christmas gift tags and other holiday invitations, on my Printable Party Invitations site.


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