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I noticed that the penguin tags and matching invitation I posted on my Printable Party Invitations site have been quite popular over the years, so I thought it was time to get cracking and create some more. This set features three very happy snowman, Santa, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and some other iconic Christmas images. They also have a matching invitation that features the three snowmen. (There's also another version of that invitation here.)

Download the Tags

These Christmas gift tags are easy to use, just print and cut. I find that a small pair of curved manicure scissors do a great job around the corners. And I used my Uchida circle cutter for the circles. You can use either a 2" or 2.5" circle cutter for the circular designs because there are rings of color. If you use the 2" cutter, you'll cut off some of the outer rings. If you use the 2.5" cutter, you will have a white border. At least that's how it worked on my printed copies. I set my printer to "Shrink to Fit." If I hadn't, the overall sizes would have been slightly larger.

I had some color issues with printing these. If you're interested in how you can subtly alter the colors on this printable, see my post about the matching invitation. I also discuss the paper I used to print these designs.     

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