Free Printable Holiday Gift Bags

Please click the "Download the Free Gift Bags Files Here" link further down on the page to receive the free Christmas gift bag template.

Here's another freebie from my new Pink Peppermint Christmas Decorations e-book: I've excerpted a few of the many gift bag designs and matching printable bows that are available in the book. They're super easy to make and you can mix and match the flaps and bows to create lots of looks. Here they are pictured with the matching printable Christmas trees in the book:

>> Download the Free Gift Bag Files Here <<

Read #s 4-6 on this page if you have any problems downloading or printing the files.

Read this page for a photo tutorial on making the bags.

The book has even more mix-and-match gift bag options. Here are just some of the combinations you can make:

In addition to all the gift bag and three-dimensional bow templates shown above (and even more than you see here), the e-book also contains printable files and complete photo tutorials these fun Christmas projects that the whole family can make together:

Tabletop Christmas Trees in Three Sizes and Patterns, with Mini Decorations

Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers in Three Patterns
Paper Ornaments

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Credits: Thanks to Studio Cinco for the snowman illustrations used in the gift bag patterned paper.

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