Free Printable Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers and Gift Bags

Printable birthday party gift bags and cake toppers

If you've ever been stuck for birthday decorations or cupcake ideas, these free printables are a great solution. Just have some of these cupcake toppers (and their matching gift bags) on-hand and you'll have instant festivity!

These .jpg templates are very easy to make, especially if you follow the step-by-step instructions included in the zip file. You can download the whole kit and kaboodle below at the large pink link:

Download the Templates and Instructions

The templates, which I designed especially for the fun party site, come in three designs and three color schemes, which allows you to mix and match or just stick to one set of colors. All the topper templates also can be used to make 3D or flat versions.

Here are the designs:

party hat picks
Party hats
circles and stars birthday party picks
Circles and stars
3D balloon cupcake toppers
Matching gift bags
Refer to #s 2 and 3 on this page if you need help downloading or opening the zip file, or accessing the images. You'll need some kind of PDF reader to read the instructions. Here's a link to free Adobe Acrobat software.

And click below to visit for party inspiration and more free printables:

Credits: Thanks to Josy Carson for the base graphics used to make the balloons and party hats, and to WendyBird Designs for the bag template.

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  1. These are some very extravagant looking cupcakes! Very nice!

  2. These are so adorable, Carla! You do very nice work and I can hardly wait to throw a party just so I can use these delightful designs!

  3. thanks for sharing these nice cupcake toppers. if i need them i now know where to find them. like them on fb :)

  4. thanks for sharing these nice cupcake toppers.

  5. I suscribe to your mailing list but i cant see the download for these butterfly ones?

  6. The newsletters with the subscriber-only freebies are sent out in batches several times a week. There's one scheduled at 7 PM Eastern Time this evening, so you'll get it soon!

  7. Oh wow- these are so cool! I love the 3D aspect, they look fantastic! I just clicked over from Pizzazzerie and I love it here. I'll be linking to your fantastic printables, I can't wait to spread the word!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I love your site and very much appreciate the link.

  8. Awesome. I have NO creativity at all so being able to simply frost and pop one of these on top will make me look a lot more creative! Thanks for the awesome ideas, as ALWAYS!

  9. I downloaded the gimp program? and i tried to download the printables but when i save it to my hard drive it will not let me copy them it pops up with copyright stuff. does anyone have this problem?

  10. You actually don't need a program to open them, because they're jpgs. All you need to do is click on the jpgs on your hard drive to open them and then print them as is. They're already sized and ready to go.

    If you have any problem printing them, check out #s 5 and 6 in this FAQ:

  11. The link seems to be broken? I'd love to download these!

    1. Hi, Joanne,

      The link works fine for me, so you probably just got a bad page download. That happens more often than you might think.

      Try refreshing the page and clicking the link again. (And make sure you're clicking the link with this text: > Download templates & instructions here <.)

      If that doesn't work, clear your cache or try using a different browser.



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