Mother's Day and Thank You Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Click the links below to download the chocolate bar wrappers freebie printables

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If you've ever wondered how to make a handmade gift that will be truly meaningful (not to mention literally sweet), it's as easy as downloading and printing one of these candy bar wrappers templates and wrapping it around a chocolate bar. I loved the watercolor images so much, I went beyond just making versions of these freebie printables that can be used for DIY Mother's Day gifts. I made a set of thank you note templates too. (I also have free birthdayChristmas and Valentine's Day candy wrappers if you're looking for a gift for one of those occasions instead.)

I think you'll find these will come in handy not only for Mother's Day but also as free printable thank you cards for teachers, DIY gift ideas for a girlfriend or boyfriend or just token of appreciation gift ideas for anyone who deserves thanks for their kindness. Not to be immodest but I think these are so pretty that the recipients might not even realize they were free and homemade. :-)

The download links are below. Scroll down below them to the Instructions section to read instructions and tips for making the wrappers.

Download the Mother's Day Wrappers

Download the Thank You Wrappers

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Small Thank You Gift Ideas Made Easy

Each wrapper type comes in three sizes and two color schemes, pink and purple. There are two different messages in the artwork for these free printables: Thank You and Happy Mother's Day. And if you know your way around graphics software or Microsoft Word, you can also block out the message within the white circles and add your own message or a person's name. See the Instructions area below for some tips and resources for that.

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The download links, which go to two files in zip format, are near the top of this page. If you need zip software, 7Zip is free and open source.

After you save either one or both zip files and unzip them to your hard drive, I recommend that you take a quick visit to my Santa candy wrapper page for suggestions on how to use any of my candy bar wrappers. Just look under the Tips for Making the Printable Candy Bar Wrappers heading.

To alter the message in the art

If you want to alter the artwork in a graphics program to add a different message in the white circle area, you'll need to save the image on your hard drive. In other words, you'll need to extract just the .jpg from the Word doc. But that's really simple. If you're on a PC, once you're in the document for the wrapper you want, right-click on the image and select "Save as Picture..." and then save it to any location you want on your hard drive. I'm not sure what the equivalent instructions would be on a Mac but I'm sure you can figure it out from the description of how to do it on a PC.

Once you have the art saved, you can put it in a graphics program and alter it. I use Photoshop Elements but there are also free graphics programs that will let you alter the art. This page has a list of five free ones.

A quick way to alter the art is to make a white circle to cover up the existing text and then add new text. If you'd like to use the same font, it's called Brock Script. It's free for both personal and commercial use.

You can also change the art in Microsoft Word using text boxes. Make sure you book a trip to your hairdresser first, though, because you might just pull some of the hair out of your head while trying this. But if you're an MS Word expert, it is possible to do it.

To fill your text with gold or any other background

If you use Photoshop Elements, you can do this by adding a gold (or any other texture or color) background. In Photoshop Elements version 16, you can add the gold texture to the artwork using these instructions: While in Expert mode, position the image file right above the text you want to fill. Then, while clicking on the image layer with the texture, go to the Layer link at the top of the page and select Create Clipping Mask. This may differ in other versions but you can do a Web search for the instructions. You might also be able to do this funtion in some of the free programs linked above.

PixelScrapper has a large selection of free gold backgrounds. They also have just about any other background you can imagine, plus lots of other free images. They require registration but it's free. And I think you'll find that site useful for lots of your image needs, which will make the extra minute needed to register worth your time.

Matching Printables

You might also like these free printable invitation or stationery blanks that were designed using watercolor art from the same artist. Click here or on the image below to go to my Printable Party Invitations site to download them.

watercolor freebie printables

If you like the freebies on my site, you might also enjoy the printables selection on

Credits: The beautiful watercolor images in these designs came from Create the Cut.

Terms: These free printables are for your personal use only. Please don't post any of the actual artwork to your site. But you're welcome to post one of the photos below and a link to this page. Please read my short and flexible terms if you'd like to post a link to any of my art.

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