Halloween Hershey Kiss Labels

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personalized Hershey Kisses

These printable Hershey Kiss labels are pretty adorable if I do say so myself. They add such a cute touch of whimsy to your Halloween candy. And they don't have to just be used for Hershey Kisses. They also fit Rolo candy, which is actually one of my favorite candies of all time. What a shame I had to buy a big bag of them to make this blog post. And I haven't even eaten any of them. Right. I was lucky there were enough left to photograph. 

You obviously need a paper punch to use this Hershey Kiss template. Mine broke and I tried cutting them by hand with curved manicure scissors just to see if that would work. Take it from me, that idea was a big NO. What an ugly mess. So you need some sort of circle cutter. See the Tips section below for a few cutter options if you don't already have one. 

For extra fun, this candy labels template comes with matching Halloween party printables. There are Hershey mini chocolate bar labels, invitations and flyers, party flags and a wineglass lampshade. You can see a photo with all of them further down on the page.

Download the Template

If you need a program to unzip the zip file that contains the two invitation templates, 7Zip is free.

Hershey kiss template


  • As mentioned above, you need a circle cutter to make these labels. Or a Cricut, I suppose. I don't have one so I don't usually talk about that option. Anyway, there are a few kinds of 3/4" paper punches that will work for these Hershey Kiss wrappers. There's one that lies flat, so it's more stable. If you prefer holding the punch in your hand, you might like this one. I have other-sized punches by that brand and they've held up for years. The one that broke, which I mentioned at the top of the page, was by another manufacturer. 
  • Hershey has instituted new sizing on their Kisses and Rolo packaging. They reduced the number of candy pieces per bag and renamed the packages at the same time. This new labeling helps you to choose the amount you want easily by looking at the top right corner of each bag--even if you do get fewer pieces of candy when you do. Oh well. Kisses have Share, which was formerly called Classic (10 oz.) and Party (32.1 oz. / 2 lb.1 oz.). There are also other sizes but I couldn't find them online. I used the dark chocolate variety because I liked the purple foil but you can obviously use whichever ones you want. There are also special Halloween Kisses wrapped with three colors of foil and covered with bats, spiders and ghosts, if you want to go that route. And if you're a caramel fan like me, Rolo has Share (10.6 oz.) and Party (40 oz. / 2 lbs 8 oz.).

Here are the matching free printables:

Hershey kiss stickers template download

Download them below:

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printable DIY chocolate stickers

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