Free Printable Halloween Trick or Treat Goody Bags

Please scroll down and click on the free printable personalized Halloween trick or treat bag templates further down on the page. That will allow you to see a larger version and download it.

Slightly demented but cute bats grace these Halloween trick or treat bag tops and label, which you can print at home. There are two designs of treat bag tops: one with pink polka dots on top, and black, pink, orange and white stripes as a border; and one that has the polka dots as the border and the stripes on top. The Halloween bat label can be cut out and attached using matching ribbon. In this case, I used black and white striped ribbon I picked up in the $1 ribbon bin at Michael's craft store. I love the way it coordinates with the bag tops and the bats.

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treat bags and label artwork

Here are the treat bags with their matching cupcake toppers and banner.
You can download the other printables from the links at the bottom of this post.

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The bags were all made with 5" wide plastic bags, but you could even use paper bags if you want a different look. Each piece was personalized with a child's name, but you could write "Boo!" or "Happy Halloween!" if you don't want to personalize the bags. Also, I used staples to attach the bag tops to the plastic bags, but you could use double-sided tape or glue if you prefer. 
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I managed to find color-coordinated candy at The Fresh Market. The sour taffy in raspberry and orange flavors looked perfect in the bags, and it tastes pretty good too! (Naturally, I sneaked a few during production.)

Halloween Goody Bag Instructions
1. Download the bag top artwork and/or the Halloween bat label using the bat buttons below the instructions. Save the art to your hard drive.

2. Print the art using good quality paper or card stock on the highest quality setting available on your printer. (I used glossy photo paper for the samples you see in the photos.)

3. Write a name on each bag top or tag, or write anything else you'd like, such as "Boo!" or "Happy Halloween!" Do this before you cut and attach the pieces to the bags, in case you make a mistake in your writing. 

4a -- bags. Cut the width of the printed bag tops to fit the particular size bags you have. The template has been sized to fit treat bags up to 6" wide, but you can easily trim the printed bag top down to fit. Once trimmed, fold the tops in half, and then attach them to the candy-stuffed bags with a glue stick, tape or staples.

4b -- labels. Your best bet is to use a sharp pair of manicure scissors to cut the labels, being sure to include the tabs that allow them to be attached to the bags. Use a standard office hole-puncher to punch a hole in the tab. This will allow ribbon to be threaded through. To thread the ribbon, fold the ends of a piece of ribbon that's about 15 inches long and push them through from the back of the label to the front. Put the loop that makes over the top of the bag, tightening it and tying a bow. To make the bow sit correctly,   use the bottom end of the ribbon to form the first loop of the bow.

Tip: These could also be used as place cards for an adult Halloween dinner party! 

Download the free personalized Halloween treat bags and label art by clicking below:
You'll need free Adobe PDF Reader software to view the file. You can download it here.

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Please note: These printable Halloween trick or treat bags are for personal use only.
Credits: Thanks to W.B. Gilmore of LK Designs for the demented bat graphics used in the bag tops and label. She's amazingly talented; she also designed the luau graphics for our luau party printables.

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