10 Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Looking for creepy? These Halloween decoration ideas might be just what you need.   

Welcome to the macabre section of the Party Planning Center! I've never been much for scary or creepy Halloween decorations (as you can tell from how many cheerful, brightly colored Halloween printables I make), but these happened to cross my path while some friends were taking us on a tour of Lake Lanier in Georgia. I hope these photos give you some inspiration for tricking out your own lawn this Halloween.

The photos were taken outside the zip line center within the Lake Lanier park. The staff set up a dandy graveyard and filled it with extra-creepy Halloween displays. My thanks to them for their hard work.

When we got out of the car, we were greeted by this almost-pretty ghost who was tied to a tree. Poor thing, she can't get away from the crow that sits on her head. Don't you just hate when that happens?

A rather ugly green witch guards the iron gate to the graveyard. She's smiling now, because they just put up the display, but I'm sure her smile will fade by the time Halloween comes around. That's a long time to hang by the neck.

The graveyard was filled with skeletons and mummies and all kinds of unsavory characters ...

... including a giant rat ...

... and a variety of giant spiders:

The undead, partially dead and merely dead were also present:

In the end, we felt it best to heed the advice of this buried skeleton to stay away, so we didn't get in over our heads:

I hope these rather creepy ideas will give you some inspiration for your own display.

Happy Halloween!

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