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It used to be--at least when I was a kid--that you put your tooth under your pillow and money appeared the next morning--nothing fancy about it. But things have changed. A lot of parents are now looking for a believable-yet-magical tooth fairy story that will make the experience more special for kids. And that's nice. I remember losing teeth as being pretty icky. I would have loved to have had a tooth fairy box and envelope like this. I would have been waiting anxiously for my teeth to fall out!

These printables will help parents answer the question: Is the tooth fairy real? Why of course, darling, just put your tooth in the box and lay it under your pillow while you sleep and she'll leave you a special surprise that will prove it. Other questions have to remain unanswered though, like what does the tooth fairy do with the teeth? Well, that's her secret. It's enough that she's magically been doling out money for centuries. She can't give away all her fairy secrets!

Download the Tooth Fairy Printables

The art is contained within a zip file. If you need software to unzip it, 7Zip is free and open source.

What Comes With These Printables?

  • Two styles of tooth fairy box envelopes
  • One version has a fairy with a light complexion and another version has a fairy with a dark complexion, as shown in the image at the top of the page. Each envelope has a slight thickness to it, making it a combination between a box and an envelope--enough thickness for a tooth but not so big that being under a pillow would destroy it.
  • One money envelope
  • This flat envelope is sized just right to fit dollar bills.
See the image below to view what is printed on the front and back of each printable.


The instructions for making these printables are pretty simple:

1. Download the zip file from the link further up on the page. If you need a zip program, you can use 7Zip, which is free and open source.

2. Print the files. Note that there are two box envelope files--one with a light-complexion and one with a darker complexion. Just print the one most appropriate for your child. I found that using Draft mode (the lightest amount of ink) worked best for me. But everyone's printer is different.

3. Cut around the edges with scissors.

4. Fold on the faint dotted lines. Note that there's a double fold that creates a little bit of a thickness in the tooth box envelope.

5. Glue the flaps, as shown below:

What's the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy?

It's been a dog's age since I lost any teeth. And I don't have any children. I wasn't even sure if children even believe in the tooth fairy anymore. So before I wrote this post I asked the followers on my Facebook page if they tell their kids or grandkids the tooth fairy story. The answer was that, yes, they do. And new generations of kids still believe it. And apparently, some of the parents get carried away, giving up to $50 per tooth. What? I was born in the wrong decade, tooth-fairy-wise anyway.

I really wasn't sure what the going rate should be so I looked it up. It seemed to me that Colgate was a good source since one would hope they know all there is to know about teeth. I thought they gave some good advice. I'm paraphrasing, but their bottom line is that tooth fairy gifts should be kept between $1-5. This will help avoid jealousy or worse that might occur among friends and schoolmates when a larger amount is received. And I liked this part the best: they said to explain to children that the amount is based on how well the teeth are taken care of. What a great way to incentivize children to learn good oral hygiene habits early.

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Credits: The adorable tooth fairies and the other images used came from Pretty Grafik. I've also created other printables using their graphics, including my fairy and mermaid Valentine chocolate bar wrappers and Monster Love cookie boxes and treat bags.

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