FREE Printable Mermaid Valentine Candy Wrappers

Scroll down and click the link below to download the free printable kids Valentine's Day candy bar wrappers

I must say, these little mermaids gave me a run for my money. It's not enough that I make three different sizes of all my candy bar wrappers but I had to add two different complexions to the mix, for a total of six pieces of art. Oh well, they say hard work builds character. LOL

On a serious note, I was happy to do the extra work because it has always bothered me that so much clip art features strictly Caucasians. Just so you know, there's no one whiter than me, complexion-wise anyway. So I'm not saying this because I personally haven't been represented in clip art and popular culture. It's just that when I think about all those little kids who have darker complexions who historically have felt like an afterthought or not a thought at all, it upsets me. Thankfully, the clip art world has moved along in the time since I started making printables in 2010. Many artists now provide a range of complexion types. And I'm happy to feature two of them on what I think are some super cute mermaid Valentine's Day candy wrappers. Feel free to download them by clicking the pink link below:  

Download the Valentine's Day Wrappers

The wrapper art is contained within a Zip file. If you need software to unzip it, 7Zip is free and open source.

Here are the three sizes of chocolate bars that fit these free printable wrappers:


After you download the zip file with the six Word docs containing the candy bar wrappers and then save the files to your computer, I recommend that you take a quick trip over to my Santa candy bar wrapper page for some suggestions on how to use any of my candy wrappers. Just look under the Tips for Making the Printable Candy Bar Wrappers heading.

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Credits: These super cute mermaid graphics came from Pretty Grafik. A special thanks to them, not only for making great art that makes designing fun, but also for representing multiple ethnicities in a lot of their art.  

Terms: These templates are for personal use only. You're not allowed to post the actual artwork to your site but you may post one of the photos below and link to this page. Please read my short and flexible terms if you'd like to post a link to any of my art.

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