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Free candy bar wrapper template for Word

When it comes to DIY Father's Day gifts, they don't get much easier than this. You don't need candy wrapper software or anything special besides Microsoft Word, some paper and a printer, and of course, a candy bar. I've already pasted the art in the correct Theo and Hershey bar wrapper dimensions within three Word docs. See the next image below for the size of the candy bars that are included in the downloadable art. You can also alter the art if you want to use it on different chocolate bars. See the Tips section below for more information on that.

Download the files at the PINK link below:

Download the Printable Candy Wrappers

The download link goes to a file in zip format. If you need zip software, 7Zip is free and open source.

If you want to use the art at the sizes I've already included, all you need to do is download the art at the link below and choose the Word doc for the size bar you want to wrap. Once you print the art, you can just cut around the edges with scissors and wrap it around the bar. See the Tips section for ideas on how to seal it. It's not rocket science but there are several ways to do it, some nicer looking than the others.

Printable alternative to candy wrapper software

Tips For Making These Easy DIY Father's Day Gifts

  • After you save the zip file and unzip it to your hard drive, I recommend that you take a quick visit to my Santa chocolate wrapper page for suggestions on how to use any of my candy bar wrappers, including how to change the size in Word. Just look under the Tips for Making the Printable Candy Bar Wrappers heading.
  • I use HP Inkjet Two-Sided Premium Presentation Paper of most of my printables. It's particularly good for DIY candy bar wrappers because it's not too heavy but it gives a nice even finish and doesn't absorb ink in the way plain bond does. Not that you can't use plain bond; you can. But if you were going to print a bunch of these (say, if you had 10 dads LOL), you might want to use something a little more polished. I find that I actually get better results with my printer if I set the ink to Normal instead of Best when I use this paper. The same is probably true of plain bond. I find the Best setting floods the paper with ink. That's a waste of ink and it really doesn't improve the results. In fact, it doesn't look as good.
  • I've learned over the years that there are not good, okay, good and really good ways to affix printables. And in the case of a candy bar wrapper template like this, you might ask, who cares? It's going to be opened soon. But one of the techniques might not even get you to that finish line without falling apart. So here are the ways these can be put together, in increasing order of effectiveness as you go down the list:
  1. Glue: This has a tendency to warp the paper and can even seep through and cause a water stain on the ink.
  2. Transparent tape: This just flat out doesn't look good if you use it on the back of the wrapper. It can also come off if the wrapped bar sits in the heat for any length of time. You could double over the tape and form a loop and put it between the pieces, which would look less sloppy, but it probably won't lie flat.
  3. Glue stick: Glue sticks can either work great or just meh, depending on the type you get. I used to recommend repositionable glue sticks for more complicated printables but then found out they don't really stand the test of time. Regular glue sticks, like Elmer's Washable School Gel Glue Sticks work well though.
  4. Glue or Craft Dots: These strong craft adhesives come on a roll and are made specifically to hold crafts and scrapbook components together. There are many different dot sizes and a few sizes of lines, and they sometimes even come in dispensers. I prefer not to use the dispensers myself since they sometimes make things harder, rather than easier. But the great thing about these adhesives is that once they're in place, they stay there. Because of that, you have to be a little careful of the positioning before you apply them. But I find the benefits far outweigh that deficit.

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Credits: The custom lettering, simulated leather background and embossed floral designs in these DIY Father's Day gifts came from Creative Fabrica.

Terms: These free printable chocolate wrappers are for personal use only. Please don't post any of the actual artwork to your site. You're welcome to post one of the photos below, however, along with a link to this page. Please read my short and flexible terms if you'd like to post a link to any of my art.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon and Creative Fabrica affiliate links are used in this post and the sidebar, which means I would be paid a commission if anything is purchased through them. This doesn't increase what you pay if you buy anything. I only recommend products I really believe in and my opinions are my own.

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