Free Printable Small Wineglass Lampshade

This small wineglass lampshade is very similar to the one I made for Halloween, except it's a little more sophisticated. It was designed to coordinate with my 3D Thanksgiving pumpkin place cards and invitation, but its generic design could really be used year-round. It's easy to use, just print, cut and glue the lampshade and place it over a regular-sized wineglass. For safety, I recommend using a battery-operated tea light instead of a candle inside the glass. See my Halloween post for more helpful tips.

Download the Template

If you have any problems with downloading, unzipping or printing the file, please refer to #s 2, 3 and 4 in this FAQ.

Warning: Please use great caution when using this paper lampshade with candles. I strongly recommend using battery-operated tea lights instead. If you do use candles, consider placing sand in the glass first for safety.

As you can see from the images, there are a variety of ways you can dress up this lampshade. I used a silk fall leaf, a piece of a larger silk flower and a big ribbon for one version. For a completely different and almost East Indian look, I punched tiny holes throughout the lampshade to let the candlelight come through and then added random rhinestones in a complementary color.

For another version, I punched some more tiny holes, this time around the top of the shade. I then threaded bead cord through the holes and tied a bow in the front. I also just left one plain, because I think the design looks pretty darn good all by itself. I'm sure you can come up with all kinds of ways to decorate it for your Thanksgiving table or fall decorating.

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Credits: Thanks to Marisa Lerin of for the paisley overlay. As with the Halloween version, this lampshade design was inspired by a post on Everyday Celebrating.

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  1. I love these beautiful wineglass lampshades! What a great party decorating idea for Thanksgiving or any theme. These would be cute for a cozy Valentine's Day or Anniversary dinner too, or even for decorating wedding tables!

  2. Thank you very much. I can use this throughout the fall.
    I appreciate your generosity.


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