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I fell in love with this cute Valentine fairy the second I saw her. I thought she was delivering just the right sweet message to grace a Hershey chocolate bar (or any other kind) for Valentine's Day.

I find it fascinating that humans choose one day a year specifically for the purpose of spreading love. If I wanted to be cynical, I could say that the greeting card companies actually chose it. And maybe that's so. But the fact that Valentine's Day is so popular tells you that we need a day like this. If you look around, it's obvious we could use a lot more of them.

Not to get up on a soapbox but it really is a personal choice to spread love or at least good feelings. Believe me, I don't always make that choice in every moment. And you could say that in order to be truly authentic we need to experience the full range of emotions. But it doesn't hurt to try to stop and see if what we're about to say to someone else is loving or at least uplifting instead of serving the cause of tearing down. Seems simple doesn't it? Maybe not so much in practice but it's certainly a good goal. Maybe the message this little fairy is sending will serve as a reminder. Okay, end of rant. LOL

Oh, and along those lines, I'd like to mention that I would have loved to also make a version with a fairy of a different ethnicity, as I did with my mermaid Valentine's Day candy wrappers. But there was only one version of this fairy clipart available and you're looking at her.

You can download the fairy Hershey bar label template from the PINK LINK below:  

Download the Wrappers

The three printable Word documents are contained within a Zip file. If you need software to unzip it, 7Zip is free and open source.

Here are the three sizes of candy bars that fit the free printable wrapper templates:


After downloading the zip file with the Word docs containing the candy bar wrappers and then saving the file to your computer, I recommend you go over to my Santa candy bar wrapper page for suggestions for using my candy wrapper templates. Look under the Tips for Making the Printable Candy Bar Wrappers heading for the tips.

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Credits: This sweet fairy graphic came from Pretty Grafik. I've been using a lot of their images lately to make templates because they're so cute.

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  1. I cannot get these to download for free it takes to a program that charges me to use it

    1. Did you click the large pink link that reads "Download the Wrappers"? That should take you to a link with the free files. If that link tries to charge you, please let me know through a follow-up comment. It shouldn't.


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