Creative Easter Basket Ideas: FREE Bunny Money

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free printable Easter Bunny Money
The older I get, the less sugar I eat. It just doesn't sit well anymore. That fact was the inspiration for coming up with non candy Easter basket ideas that are just as fun as candy but have the potential to be even more meaningful.

I researched some creative Easter basket ideas and saw a lot of great ones. But I thought my contribution could be these free printables that can be used at the discretion of parents. You can decide the options the Bunny Money can be exchanged for and then let the child choose. Candy can even be one of the choices but it doesn't have to be. See below for some suggestions.

Download the Bunny Money

How to Use Bunny Money

Just download the PDF file linked above. It's in PDF format, so you'll need PDF reader software to read them. If you don't have a program, you can download free Adobe Acrobat software.

Once you save the PDF to your computer, you can print as many sheets as you'd like. There are three Bunny money dollars on the 8 1/2" x 11" page.

If you don't happen to have a paper cutter, you can use scissors to cut out the bills.

Bunny Money can be a communicating tool if you choose it to be. Or it can just be for fun. Or both! You can choose one thing that your child can exchange it for, like video game time, or you can give your child a choice of items and let them pick. If you want to leave it open-ended, you can ask your child what they would like to exchange it for. Feel free to say no, obviously, if the requests are too outrageous. But it's a good way to have a dialog and discuss what's important to your child. If you want to present some options and can't think of anything, see the list further down the page. Most of them count on being meaningful to deliver value, so they're free.
Bunny Money: A free printable alternative to Easter candy

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

The sky's the limit when choosing fun things that can be exchanged for the Bunny Money. So you can come up with choices you know your child will treasure. If you need prompts, here are some suggestions, some of which are completely FREE:
  • If you limit video game, iPad, tablet or TV time for your child, you can offer additional time in increments you choose
  • Purchase a coloring book or download coloring pages from the Internet and spend quality time coloring with your child
  • Create a fun backyard picnic for their friends
  • Organize an outing to a favorite location, like the beach, the zoo or any place that the child loves that will create fond memories of your time together
  • Offer to cook a special meal just for them that includes all their favorite foods
  • Download a free printable game like this Bingo card and play it with your child
  • Do a craft project together, like making this free mini Easter basket or bunny decoration
  • Purchase some vegetable or flower seeds (or learn how to grow produce from kitchen scraps) and then make a project of planting together and watching your garden grow
  • Have a puppet show together by printing these frog, raccoon and princess designs and gluing them on popsicle sticks
I imagine you can think of other ideas that would delight your child too. Keep in mind that if they have an experience with you, as many of these ideas promote, whatever you do together would probably be remembered long after candy would be forgotten.

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Uses for the printable free Bunny Money
How to use Bunny Money to give your child an experience in lieu of candy
How to use candy alternatives to give your child something different for Easter


  1. This is so adorable but when I download the file it isn't for bunny money it's for an Easter basket printable. I would love to get a copy of the actual bunny money!

    1. So sorry about that! I can't even imagine how the wrong link got connected to this page. But it's fixed now so you can download the Bunny Money.


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