Easter Treats Recipe and FREE Printable Labels

Click the link below to download the free printable Easter egg and pop labels

I have a special treat for you in this post. More than one, actually: Easter crispy treats in the form of Easter eggs and lollipops with fun FREE printable labels that match my FREE Easter basket printable, my FREE Easter Bunny decoration and my paid (but very inexpensive!) full Easter party printables kit.

My Easter egg and lollipop printables come in four designs: two shaped as Easter eggs and two shaped as squares. Each says "Homemade just for you" and "Happy Easter," as you can see above.

Download the Labels and Recipe

As a bonus, I have a link to a special recipe that will make a healthier version of the classic Rice Krispies treats so many of us grew up with. The link to the recipe is in the same file as the printables (in the link above) but you can scroll down to learn more about what makes it a healthier alternative and to also access links to my FREE Easter basket template, FREE Easter bunny decoration and my full Easter printables kit.

FYI, the instructions linked above are in PDF format. If you don't have PDF reader software, you can get free Adobe Acrobat software that will allow you to read it. 

My full Easter printables kit ties the freebies together and gives you just about anything you could want in a printable for Easter.

Here are some photos of the full Easter printables kit contents

The full Easter printables kit gives you virtually everything you need to decorate your house for Easter!

The photo above shows an Easter egg and lollipop with Easter baskets and a few cupcake toppers from my Easter printables kit.

Buy the Full Easter Printables Kit

Quinoa Crispies Pops

The recipe for the Easter eggs and lollipops is healthier because it incorporates quinoa, which most people think is a grain but really is related to plants like spinach and chard. (It doesn't taste like them though!)

Where it comes from is less important than what it does though. It has 8 grams of protein per serving, which you certainly can't say about Rice Krispies (it has 2.3 grams). And that protein is considered "complete," because it contains all eight of the amino acids we need to get from our food.

Quinoa also has as much calcium as milk, without the cholesterol; slow-burning or "good" carbohydrates; fiber; and is a great source of magnesium, manganese, vitamin E, B2, B6, folic acid, potassium and iron.

To keep things easy, I made these Easter eggs and pops with supplies you can readily get. Instead of making you run out and get special lollipop sticks (which you can certainly use if you'd prefer), I made the pops with plastic spoons. The colored spoons, and the cellophane and tissue I put under it to give the pops some color came from the dollar store. The ribbons came from the dollar bin at Michael's but you can use whatever you have lying around. All the rest of the ingredients came from the supermarket and health food store. And the recipe has a variation that makes it easy to make it without having to go to the health food store, in case that's not practical for you. All the particulars are detailed in the instructions, which can be found in the zip file that contains the free printables.

Credits: Many thanks to Maree Truelove for the Easter images and to Wendy Polisi for the healthy quinoa crispy treats recipe.

Terms: These templates are for personal use only.

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  3. Hi Carla every time I try to download your Easter freebies I get a window saying "file appears to be malicious" has anyone else had this problem? I love your blog. I have been a big fan. Thank you for all the great things. If you can let me know something Hugs,Tami

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